About us

About us

          My name is Christine Horsman, everybody calls me Chris. I opened my first wool shop 30 years ago in a small village in Dorset just outside Bournemouth. I sold wool, haberdashery and some clothes but really concentrated on the best branded yarns for hand knitters available at that time.

          Suppliers then included such names as Lister, Copley and Richard Poppleton who are all long gone. My local Poppleton rep has since moved to Sirdar and liked it so much that he now owns Sirdar. I also stocked many of the survivors such as Sirdar, Patons, Wendy and Robin.

After 6 years I moved my shop, husband and 2 daughters to Bournemouth. This shop I have run for the last 25 years.

Several years ago, I opened, with my husband Phil, an eBay shop called Shadow’s Discount Wools. We are concentrating on selling branded yarns at discount prices. We are proud that our prices are among the best on eBay. Our service record on eBay is now over 31,000 positive feedbacks and we have achieved both Power Seller and Top Rated Seller status. As we want to continue offering the best priced wool we can, to more people, Phil and I have started this web site. It will grow over time and we will always try to offer the best prices, an increasing range, good service and a fast despatch time.

Today we stock Sirdar, Wendy, Robin, Brett, Katia and King Colewools. They are all brand names sold at a discount to list price.

Feel free to compare our prices.